What do a billionaire and a rapper have in common?


And for many reasons, this example should help you understand how social media, content marketing, and good engagement fit together.

This is a good reminder for anyone who takes social listening seriously. How do you turn seemingly incongruous statements into interesting commentary and engagement? Simple. You listen.

I’m going out on a “sturdy” limb here by assuming Mr. Pickens is not a big rap fan. My bad if you are, Mr. Pickens. Just goin’ with the odds. So, giving me this assumption, Mr. Pickens (or someone on his staff) is using social listening in a broad sense, looking for content related to investments and wealth management. Looking for tweets and other content specific to Mr. Pickens’ business dealings should be obvious. It’s not enough to set your HootSuite account to look for Pickens and/or BP. What is Mr. Pickens known for? Look for key phrases that exemplify that idea.

It’s this next layer of the proverbial onion where you’ll find interesting stuff. Or at least give us bloggers something to write about 😉

So next time you find yourself staring at Twitter stuck looking for interesting tweets to engage with, ask yourself, “What would Drake and T. Boone Pickens do?

Mashable offers up some interesting retweets, comments and stats over here.

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