Brand Socket is focused on driving the best outcomes for your business. We look for the right opportunities for you, and won’t force any tactic that can’t meet your expectations for success.

Led by veteran marketeer Keith Paul, Brand Socket offers diverse experience across industries and within large and small organizations.


Insight Plugged In

Solid branding evolves from the inside out. It’s a creative and holistic process that glues together fragments and creates a unique and complete branding experience. Through artful imagery, edgy concepts, and a message relevant to your audience, Brand Socket can help you activate insights into your brand.

Build The Engine

We’re embarking upon a societal change where audiences dictate how they consume information. Print and web are morphing into specialized communications vehicles while social media and mobile technology are encouraging access and readership in entirely new ways. What does this over-crafted statement actually mean?

Brand Socket knows the world changes everyday and we help you put the pieces together to build a reliable brand.

Our Philosophy

Brand Socket is about creating unique brands for businesses of all sizes using the latest insights in marketing, social media and operational efficiency. Whether your brand needs crafting from the ground up or a simple tune up, Brand Socket can work with you on any project.

What We Do

  • Solid digital strategy from award winning industry experts in social media
  • Marketing and advertising that is outside the box
  • Jump start your brand with an honest approach